Private Events

From birthday parties to corporate roasts, we have a pretty mind-blowing range of private event experience under our belts.  Fill out this form to talk with one of our producers about planning your next big event, and read on below for more info about the different types of kids' birthday parties we offer.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a big deal to us. That’s because we remember how we felt about birthdays when we were kids. Everyone has one or two birthdays from their childhood that they never forget. Our goal is to be that party.

Premiere Birthday - Party at your place! Ages 4-10

We can bring the show right to you.  After years of performing in schools, we’ve got the portable play down to a science. Our set fits perfectly in your living room, recreation room, neighborhood restaurant, or any other venue.  The 45-minute musical comedy show features several hilarious stories by kids from around the country, including the world premiere of your child's own original story, and the whole show is personally customized and created for your child.  In the NYC and LA metro areas, offsite Premiere Parties start at $1395.

Celebrate at our show
The Flagship shows in New York and Los Angeles are a great way to celebrate a birthday for nearly any age.  All you need to do is to let us know that you're celebrating a birthday, and once you've heard back from us, go ahead and pick up tickets.  We'll sing to the birthday kid at the end of the show.  Just get in touch with us below and let us know what date(s) you're considering and how many people (kids + adults) you want to bring, and if we have a spot available, we might even be able to perform a story written by the birthday kid!  Either way, everyone gets a hilarious show for the whole family.

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