Story Pirates Creative Labs

“We bring your world to life.” That’s our motto at Story Pirates, and it underlies everything we do. The Story Pirates are best known as a renowned education and media company that creates electrifying and memorable experiences for kids. For over 10 years, our Creative Labs have also brought innovation, imagination and strategic creative services to an array of corporations, brands and organizations. We utilize our amazing group of creative executives, writers, directors, musicians, artists and designers to work closely with businesses to improve their appeal and impact. Whether it’s a dynamic rendition of a brand’s story, replacing boring instructional videos with brilliant ones, or creating one-of-a-kind experiences that enchant and delight — at the Story Pirates, we breathe unexpected life into everything we touch.

Our acclaimed corporate team-building workshops use elements of improv and storytelling to help your company play and grow. Lead by a pair of Story Pirates, they will bring of a jolt of inspiration to your staff, which can lead to improved productivity, communication and collaboration.

To discuss what Story Pirates Labs can do for your business, please contact our Director of Creative Services, Duke Doyle.

We specialize in custom videos, stage shows, experiential activations and corporate events.  Previous clients include: