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Season 2 is Here!

Lee, Peter, Rachel, and Meghan are back with another season of the podcast. This season, our ship is flying to help us on our quest to find kids’ stories to perform! BONUS, this season features lots of celebrity special guests, including John Oliver, Claire Danes, and Dax Shepard!

Scroll down to read Lee’s weekly Ship’s Log for a recount of behind the scenes happenings on the ship AND the original stories submitted by real kids. And, don’t forget to sign up for our email list for Story Pirates announcements!

Secret Life of Pets 2 Contest

To celebrate the DVD/Blu-Ray release of The Secret Lives of Pets 2, we're looking for kids' OWN stories about pets and their secret lives! Read the full prompt and submit your kids’ stories here. Then, make sure to subscribe to the Story Pirates podcast to hear the winning stories on a special episode!

Bonus Content

Click the photos or titles below for an insider's look at each episode, including the original kid written stories, ship's log by Lee, and behind the scenes author videos and photos!

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