Animal Week/The Doughnut Is Right

Siegfried the Viking leads the Story Pirates on a spooky trip to the Isle of Monsters. Featuring two new stories: “Animal Week,” a klezmer tune about what happens when animals start to talk, by Ronan, an 8 year old from Rhode Island, and “The Doughnut Is Right,” a twisted game show with an odd host, written by a 15 year old from Canada named Reayah.

Original Stories

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Animal Week

Ronan, Age 8, Rhode Island

Monday. Mammals start talking. "Moo...hey yo coyote." "Bark....Hey tasty morsal." The humans were freaked out. Tuesday. reptiles start talking mammal too. "ssss....get away from my eggsssssss." The humans were screaming with terror. Wenesday. Fish start talking. "Blop, blop....ahhhhhh!" The humans felt helpless. But the anamals were freindliy and the rest of the week was happy but then the week was over and the anamals had to go back to normol. :(

The Doughnut is Right

Reayah, Age 15, California

there is a tiny studio in the middle of an alley (because the producers were on a very tight budget) and in the studio, every week on Wednesdays at 3 a.m., a whole bunch of people show up, and five people are chosen randomly to be contestants on THE DOUGHNUT IS RIGHT GAME SHOW. The host is a very skinny man with a huge head named Edgar Oscar Isaac Princeton the eleventh. But it’s a fake name. The contestants have to try 100 million different kinds of doughnuts and listen to Edgar Oscar Isaac Princeton the eleventh talk about his family and if they can guess the host’s favorite, they will win a billion doughnuts to take home. If they guess wrong, they have to be dunked in a 100-foot tall bucket of warm doughnut glaze. All of the contestants lose every time, but that’s okay because the glaze is yummy. One Wednesday fifty-four years after the show started, when the contestants had guessed except for one, Edgar Oscar Isaac Princeton the eleventh slipped up and accidentally whispered his favorite kind of doughnut and the last contestant heard him and won the billion doughnuts. He also won a Guinness World Record for being the only person to ever win THE DOUGHNUT IS RIGHT in all eternity. The End.

Draw The Monster

On this episode, we visited the Isle of Monsters! We asked kids to draw their interpretations. Submit your kids’ by posting on Twitter or Instagram with #DrawTheMonster!

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