Jeff the Goldfish / George and Billy the Boghog

The Story Pirates decide to have a party where everyone tells their deepest, darkest secrets. Featuring two new stories: “Jeff the Goldfish,” the story of a fish who aspires to leave his tank, from a 9 year old in the UK named Rowan, and “George and Billy the Boghog,” the story of a motivational warthog who sends people on journeys for no reason, by Ridge, an 8 year old from Arizona. Read more for the original stories!

Turtle Beach/Carl and Steve BFFs

A hard-nosed detective (Dax Shepard) visits the ship to investigate a possible theft and everybody feels a little weird about it. Featuring two new stories: ‘Turtle Beach,’ a feel good beach party song about a mythical place where turtles laugh and play, by an 11 year old from Utah named Regan, and ‘Carl and Steve BFFs,’ the story of an unlikely midwestern friendship, by an 8 year old from Illinois named Ellis.

How The Beaver Came To Canada/President Worm

When a conspiracy theorist (Claire Danes) boards their ship, the Story Pirates must convince her they are not from outer space. Featuring two new stories: ‘How The Beaver Came To Canada,’ a Joni Mitchell-inspired folk song about a beaver who takes to the friendly skies, by a 4 year old from Canada named Maytal, and ‘President Worm,’ a funky ode to the nation’s first flying leader, by Oliver, an 11 year old from the UK.

The Quest for the Golden Bananas/Pigduction

The Story Pirates face stormy weather when a super sad lost cloud (Franchesca Ramsey) has a full on meltdown while hovering over their ship. Featuring two new stories: The Quest For The Golden Bananas, an Irish punk song about an ambitious cucumber seeking fame and glory, written by an 11 year old from Belgium named Noel, and Pigduction, the story of an pig farmer/inventor whose thirst for innovation leads him down a dark path, by an 8 year old from India named Vivaan. Click read more for original stories!

The Wizard Who Could Just Go Poof / I Love Cats

When a giant squirrel (John Oliver) threatens to break delicate tchotchkes and handcrafted chairs on the ship, the Story Pirates must convince him to let them help them. Featuring two new stories: I Love Cats by a 7 year old from Washington, D.C. named Andrew and The Wizard Who Could Just Go Poof, written by a 14-year-old from Utah named Jonah. Click Read More for Lee’s Ship’s Log and original stories!

Helen's Pizza Ria / The Creation of Chicken Parm

This week on the podcast -  We perform our adaptations of 8-year-old Gwen’s “Helen’s Pizza Ria” and 10-year-old Sierra’s “The Creation of Chicken Parm.” Plus, a pizza guy (played by George Salazar from the Broadway musical BE MORE CHILL) takes us along for pizza deliveries via wormhole! Click Read More for Lee’s Ship’s Log and the original stories!

The Boy Who Hated Kisses / The Pancake Habit

We have two new stories for you!  “The Boy Who Hated Kisses” is a bluesy rock number about a kid with clear boundaries, written by a 6 year old from Missouri named Victoria, and “The Pancake Habit" is the story of a girl whose spontaneous culinary activity causes her family and friends to stage an intervention, written by two sisters from Oklahoma named Zoe (age 9) and Eleni (age 6). Click read more to read the ship’s log and original stories!

A Hamster's Workday / Backstroke Raptor

It's here! The podcast is back! Listen to this week's episode to find out how we'll get off the deserted island, plus hear our adaptations of A Hamster's Workday by Nina, age 11 in NY and Backstroke Raptor by Ben, age 7 in Virginia. Then, read on for Lee's ship's log! We recommend listening first to avoid spoilers. Click Read More for Lee’s Ship’s Log & original stories!