Banana Clown/Cats Sit On You (feat. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo)

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

In part one of our season finale, the Story Pirates discover an intruder on the ship. Featuring two new stories: “Banana Clown,” a hip hop track featuring Grammy Award-winning rapper Secret Agent 23 Skidoo about a guy who has a hard time finding the right job, written by an 8 year old from Massachusetts named Benjamin, and “Cats Sit On You,” a song about cats sitting on you (and sometimes they take over the school), written by Alex, a 6 year old from California. Read more for the original stories!

Original Stories

Banana Clown

Benjamin, Age 8

Once there was a guy. His name was Sir Mr. Sir Banana Face Guy. -Mr. Banana for short. He wanted a job. So, he got a job at McDonald's. But he kept getting the orders wrong and giving people way to much bananas. He got fired after one day.

So he looked and looked for a job. Finally, he got a job at Burger King. But he kept throwing bananas into people's faces. He got fired after one day, again.

So he got a job at Dunkin' Donuts. But he kept putting banana peels on the floor, and he only gave people banana donuts. After one day he got fired, yet again.

So he got a job at the Pencil Sharpener Company. But he kept stuffing bananas into the pencil sharpeners. And he made the pencil sharpeners look like bananas, which everybody hated. So after one day he got fired, aaaagain.

But then, one lucky day, a man came over. And guess what happened! He got hired for the...


The end.

Cats Sit On You

Alex, Age 6

Cats sit on you. Sometimes they take over the school. The end!

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