Backstroke Raptor Album

Pre-order coming soon! Single available now!


“The Giraffe Didn’t Know”

New from The Story Pirates and Gimlet Media! The first single from Backstroke Raptor is based on a story by a 5-year-old named Jonah from Pennsylvania. You may have heard this soulful pop anthem about changing the world on the podcast, and now you can add the remixed and remastered version to your family’s playlists! Want to know what other songs to expect from our second album, Backstroke Raptor? Scroll down for the track list!


Backstroke Raptor

Coming June 14th! Stay tuned for information on how to pre-order our second full-length Story Pirates album! For now, here are the songs you have to look forward to:

“Backstroke Raptor”
”The Wizard Who Could Just go Poof”
”The Great Wallaby Adventure”
”Cement Dude”
”A Girl With Superpowers”
”The Person Who Could Not Spin”
”A Hamster’s Workday”
”Barry and the Big Climbing Tree”
”The Giraffe Didn’t Know”
”Dreaming Sheep”

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