Backstroke Raptor Album

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Available now! The Story Pirates and Gimlet Media present Backstroke Raptor! From the title track about a velociraptor who knows the best way to get off of an island to "The Wizard Who Just Goes Poof" featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda as a rapping dragon, this is our weirdest and wildest collection of songs yet! All of the tracks are based on kids' stories. Listen to the album and keep scrolling to read the original stories! 

Original Stories

Click each photo for the stories and statements from the kid authors behind the songs!


“The Giraffe Didn’t Know”

The first single from Backstroke Raptor is based on a story by a 5-year-old named Jonah from Pennsylvania. You may have heard this soulful pop anthem about changing the world on the podcast, and now you can add the remixed and remastered version to your family’s playlists! Want to know what other songs to expect from our second album, Backstroke Raptor? Scroll down for the track list!