By Tierney, age 9, Texas

Once upon a time...There was a monster. Her name was Samantha. Samantha really wanted to become human. "Mom, Dad, I really, really, really want to become human." Samantha   said at dinner. "NO WAY!'' Her parents shouted. But that had not changed Samantha's mind. That night.........."I'm going to run away''. thought Samantha. "I'll run away to the monster of monsters." So at 12:00, when Samantha knew every onewas asleep, she slipped out the door. "Yes." said Samantha. "Now I can run off to the monster of monsters." And that is exactly what she did. Two days later.......... "Huff." "Puff.'' ''I've finally made it up the monster of monsters tall mountion.'' HELLO!'' called a deep voice. ''Hello sir.'' ''May I become human? asked Samantha. ''YES''. ''But you must promise not to tell anyone about me.'' said the monster of monsters. ''Yes sir.'' said the new human Samantha.

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The Story Pirates’ adaptation was written by Ellen Winter
Produced by Brendan O’Grady
Associate Produced by Jack Mitchell and Sam Bair
Musicians: Brendan O’Grady, Rick Snell, Tom Jorgensen, Chris Kosar, Joseph Anckowicz, Ellie Goodman
Singers: Ellen Winter, Chris Ferry, Emily Olcott, Chris Simpson