Backstroke Raptor

By Ben, age 7, Virginia

Once upon a time there was a backstroke velociraptor. The other raptors wanted to know how to get off of the island that they were stuck on. Then one day they figured they needed a boat but something bad happened to the boat. What they did was they forget to put the engine in it when they tested it it didn’t go anywhere it just spins around. After that they put the engine in but they forgot to put the wires in. It’s an electric boat. The third time they got the wires in and the engine in. Except they forgot to put the batteries in. And then they got the batteries in. The connected the wires to the battery. They connected the wires to the engine. And then they put a motor. And they also put for going forward a propellor. Backstroke raptor can do the backstroke off the island. They were a pack so they left together so they got backstroke raptor out of the water and put them in the boat. And then they set a course all the way to a new island and a new habitat. The new island is called The Doon. The end.

The Story Pirates’ adaptation was written by Brendan O’Grady
Produced by Brendan O’Grady
Associate Produced by Sam Bair
Musicians: Brendan O’Grady, Rick Snell, Zachary Eldridge
Singers: Louie Pearlman, Emily Olcott, Alexandra Nader