Nothing Is Impossible Album

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“Full of songs for kids that parents will love, too! ...twelve infectious songs...based entirely on stories written by KIDS!” Family Choice Awards

“A super set of silly songs full of crazy characters, funny situations and clever twists... This hilarious album demonstrates that ‘Nothing Is Impossible’ for the Story Pirates.” NAPPA Awards

“These are well produced arrangements and performances that are absolutely creatively stimulating for young minds. They are smart songs with a child's sensibility where imagination rules the day and written stories can blossom into something very special. The performances and production are first-rate across the board!” Kids First!

Family Music Roundup: The Best of 2018: “an eccentric array of topics and uniquely fun insight into the imaginations of children.” NW Kids Magazine and Oregon Family Magazine

“Just as fantastic as you would expect. Each song comes from the imagination of children…” Cherry Blossoms/The Blog

“These songs belong on stage! But, if you can’t see them performed live on stage, you can create your own version in your living room. Which I highly recommend!” Eat the Marshmallow

“It takes kid fun and humor and brings it to a multi-generational level for adults to enjoy too. Kids receive credit for their stories too!” Surprise AZ Mom

“Filled with funny and silly songs about penguins working in an office and ‘Fart Out Loud Day,’ this high-tempo album will have you singing, dancing, and laughing the whole way through.” Military

“The music is fun and entertaining, and I love that it is based on children’s stories. Kids are sure to find the stories entertaining, in part created by their peers. My kids thought this album was funny and wacky, with lots of funny things to make them laugh." A Nation of Moms

“Adding professional polish to what young minds scribble down on paper invites kids into the creative process, providing a fresh approach when it comes to adult artists engaging with kindie music’s youthful audiences. It has resulted in an album that children will find captivating and entertaining.” A Geek Daddy

“The show was simply amazing!! Both of my girls ages 8 and 13 thought it was creative and funny! It definitely kept their attention for entire show. The energy in the room from all the kids was fantastic.” Q Manor/Tots Radio Host

"The album is full of originally written and recorded tunes based on story ideas submitted by children (which gives it a really childlike, fun feel)." Motherhood Moment

"All roads lead to Story Pirates ... it was time I got to the source...I can't wait for people to hear 'Nothing Is Impossible' ... things are moving to a whole other stratosphere for the company." Kid Stuff Podcast

“...they’re searching for a different kind of treasure: kids’ wildest, most imaginative stories....this is an album of 12 songs that spring from the unbound imaginations of children.” Beltway Bambinos

“...offers listeners an eccentric array of topics, from penguins who work in an office to a carrot who lives on Saturn and longs to be eaten, this 12-song album offers unique, and uniquely fun, insight into the imaginations of children.” Broadway World

“Lee finds the meaning behind the stories and honors the kid authors throughout this conversation." Goodstuff Podcast