Barry And The Big Climbing Tree

By Evan, age 5, Pennsylvania

Once upon a time there was a koala named Barry.  Barry wanted to climb a tree, but he keeps falling off.  Then he learned how to climb a tree. He had to just keep on going.  He climbed the tree! His mom signed him up for a tree climbing racing contest.  Barry was against his mother. Barry won! And Barry got to do whatever he wanted.  He feels happy and then he eats some food.

The end

09 Barry.001.jpeg
09 Barry.002.jpeg

The Story Pirates’ adaptation was written by Jack Mitchell
Produced by Brendan O’Grady
Associate Produced by Jack Mitchell and Sam Bair
Musicians: Rick Snell, Brendan O’Grady, Alex Wyatt
Singers: Dewey Caddell, Emily Olcott, Lee Overtree, Jack Mitchell, Andrew Barbato