A Hamster's Workday

By Nina, age 10, New York

Good morning miss sally!!!!! are you ready for work ? Oh yes oh yes i am ready for work!!!! I am miss sally the hamster!!!! I am ready for anything!!!!!!!! I will eat my breakfast , a pear and put a clip in my hair Then i call up the bunnys and just to be fair they carry my computer from here to there There shall be work and i meet the desk clerk and she tells me my desk is there I sit on my chair and am glad to see the bunnys brought my computer safely Then my boss comes to me and says out loud : Edit this story about a cloud I decide to confess wich incloods saying yes because i am an editor THE END

08 Hamster.001.jpeg
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The Story Pirates’ adaptation was written by Rachel Wenitsky
Produced by Eric Gersen
Associate Produced by Jack Mitchell
Singers: Rachel Wenitsky, Josh Nasser, Carly Ciarrocchi, Caroline Reedy, Ryan Chittaphong, Lee Overtree, Meghan O’Neill