The Person Who Could Not Spin

By Dillon, age 5, Virginia

In the city there was a lonely guy, and he didn't know how to spin. So, one day, he found somebody, and he asked them, "Can you help me spin?"

And the guy said, "Yes, of course, but spinning is so easy I can do it no problem oh my gosh!"

"Thank you, thank you - after I learn how to spin, this story will be over!"

So he learned how to spin, and guess what?

The end!

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07 Spin.002.jpeg

The Story Pirates’ adaptation was written by Alan Schmuckler
Produced by Brendan O’Grady
Associate Produced by Jack Mitchell and Sam Bair
Musicians: Brendan O’Grady, Rick Snell, Zachary Eldridge, Geoff Countryman, Joseph Anckowicz, Mariel Bildsten
Singers: Brendan O’Grady, Emily Olcott, Josh Nasser, Jack Mitchell, Joel Esher