Dreaming Sheep

By Samantha, age 6, Kentucky

Once there was a farm.  In that farm, there was a sheep in the barn. You know that the sheep is in the barn, but the sheep is asleep in the barn.  And the sheep are dreaming in there. The sheep are dreaming about they were in school. In school, they are writing with pencils.  They were doing a spelling test. They got 100 on their spelling test. They wake up! They Baaa-ed. They ran away from the farm to go to school.  When they went to work, they got kicked out. So they started a sheep school. And they named it "Dreaming Sheep" The End.

11 Dreaming Sheep.001.jpeg

The Story Pirates’ adaptation was written by Rachel Wenitsky and Brendan O’Grady
Produced by Brendan O’Grady
Associate Produced by Sam Bair
Musicians: Rick Snell, Brendan O’Grady, Joseph Anckowicz
Singers: Brendan O’Grady, Meghan O’Neill, Sam Reece, Will Jacobs, Eric Gersen.