Pet Store or Food Store?/A Dinosaur Ate Me (feat. Mandy Gonzalez and James Monroe Iglehart)

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

In part two of our season finale, the Story Pirates learn more about their unexpected guest and find out where they are headed next. Featuring two new stories: “Pet Store or Food Store?,” a story about a very confused business establishment, written by a 7 year old from North Carolina named Eli, and “A Dinosaur Ate Me,” a mini-operetta (featuring Mandy Gonzalez and James Monroe Iglehart) that is a word-for-word adaptation of a story by a 5 year old from Pennsylvania named Nuala.

Original Stories

Pet Store Or Food Store?

Eli, Age 7, North Carolina

Very Weird Pet Store Owner: "Hi! Welcome to the Very Weird Pet Store! What would you like?"

Customer: "Uh, a dog?"

VWP Owner: "Sorry, we don't have dogs. We have hot dogs!"

Customer: "Do you have pancakes?"

VWP Owner: "Here you go!"

Customer: "Ooookaay? Sooooo, I have a what....Wait! Don't I have to buy it?"

VWP Owner: "No."

Customer: "Sooooo what?"
{Chomp, chomp, chomp}

Author: The End

A Dinosaur Ate Me

Nuala, Age 5, Pennsylvania

I am going to show you something. A dinosaur ate me. I don't care. If a dinosaur eats me, I'll run away. But a dinosaur will eat you if you don't run away.After a dinosaur eats you, the dinosaur digests you and poops you out. And then they only eat twice a day, just remember that. And then they eat leaves from the tree and then go home and sleep. They squat and sleep and that’s how they sleep. And they drink out of tea pots. Poopy tea. I love a monster who flies. I saw a monster who flies and I went on it's back. It didn't bite me or anything because I love dinosaurs. But not t-Rex. T. rex or spikeasaurus. I love everything. That is so good. But the dinosaur ate me. He told me. That is a fun story. I love my story. Now I'm finished. I'll see ya later, alligator, until you are at my house.

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