Bonus - SECRET LIFE OF PETS: The Knight’s Pet Dragon/Turtle Beach

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

 In this special bonus episode, the Story Pirates reveal the winner of the Secret Life of Pets 2 contest and thank everyone who sent in a story. This episode also features an encore of a fan favorite from last season, Turtle Beach, by an 11 year old from Utah named Regan. Be sure to tune in next week for an announcement about season 3 of the Story Pirates Podcast!

Original Stories

The Knight’s Pet Dragon

Otis, Age 4, Maine

The knights pet dragon eats the mail man when the knight isn’t around. He uses his fire to cook them. It also burns the mail. Then he gets together with his dragon friends and they’re not very nice. They tear out all the playground so everyone falls. When the knight comes home the dragon tells him what he did. The knight gets really mad and he makes the dragon clean up his mess. The dragon has to fix the playground but the knight helps. Then the knight turns the mailman into a wizard and the wizard tickles the inside of the dragons belly and the dragon goes “ha” and the wizard comes out. The wizard gives the knight the mail.
The end.

Turtle Beach

Regan, Age 11, Utah

Once there was a girl named Mia and she loved turtles. She even had a pet tortoise named Shelby. Then she heard here mom talking about the myth of turtle beach. Mia though it was true so she asked Shelby to take here to turtle beach, and she did. There was turtles every were at Turtle beach. They welcomed Shelby and Mia, soon she had seweed to eat. Her dream come true to live with turtles the end.

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