Tape Ball Purse/The Girl With A Voice (feat. Bowen Yang)

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

When Rachel installs a ‘Smart Ship’(Bowen Yang), the Story Pirates learn about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Featuring two new stories: “Tape Ball Purse,” a story about a new product that will help you to not lose your keys but may also destroy the world, written by a 9 year old from Washington named Emily, and “The Girl With A Voice,” a song about a girl who discovers she has a special power all her own, written by Etta, a 10 year old from Michigan.

Original Stories

Tape Ball Purse

Emily, Age 9, Washington

* submitting for story SPARK "Create a commercial for a made-up product" from 4.4.19. We were on vacation in Mexico and Emily has been waiting for this spark for a long time!

It's Tape Ball Purse! You tired of losing your phone, wallet and keys? well then check out tape ball purse. Stick your stuff to the outside of the purse. Never lose anything ever again!

WARNING many phone damages have happened and if you drop it it sticks to everything. It's stick is so strong that it can move the earth.

TAPE BALL PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Girl With the Voice

Etta, Age 10, Michigan

"mom,dad, i'm home!"called Lilith Jones from her front door. "it's just me honey!" called Lilith's mom from her basement. "your father is performing in L.A" "aw..." said Lilith. she sauntered up the stairs to her room saying, " oh i to wish to perform on stage one day." when she got up to her room, she turned on grace Vanderwaal and begun to sing. suddenly, a blue jay came up to Lilith and landed on her finger and chirped to the melody of the song. she kept on singing and singing and singing until a deer came up to her window followed by a squirrel,raccoon and a robin. of course, Lilith was stunned by this happening so she kept on singing until the day became sunny and the air was soft and clean. " Lilith dear! dinner is ready!" her mom yelled up the stairs. Lilith crept down the stairs still stunned by what she did to the day. she stayed stunned until after dinner, when her mom said good night and let Lilith go to bed. Lilith, OF COURSE, stayed awake and hummed her self to bed. the next day when Lilith went to school, her best friend max came up to her and said, "last night there was a change in the weather! it was i-incredible!" Lilith agreed to this. max pushed his glasses back onto his nose and exclaimed " the weather people were wrong!!!" "yeah..." said Lilith. "about that.." she told max what happened last night and he freaked out. " so, you are telling ME that you can control nature!?"he yelled, "sort of, every time i sing it feels like i have all the power you could ever wish for." max stared in amazement at his friend.Lilith went home happy and exited for tomorrow. the next day when Lilith walked into the doors of hill high elementary, she was stared at and laughed at while walking through the halls. she felt her face turn red with embarrassment as she sat down in class next to max. " hey look! it's broken record! " someone yelled. " max, did you tell them about my voice?"she whispered. " maybe a few people..." Lilith was furious. "Mr. bush?" asked Lilith, "can i go home?" her mom was surprised to see her home so early. are you feeling alright?" Lilith trudged up the stairs to her room. the next day she came to school with a hop in her step and her head held high.she was told to sit down and write about a superpower she would like. " BROKEN RECORD!" someone said. " good morning to you to!" she said. after her day at school, she got home and her mom said that Lilith got a chance to sing on t.v tonight. at night, Lilith dressed up the best she could and her mom was practically crying. Lilith got up on the stage and sang her favorite songs and at the end, the announcer said,"young lady, what is your name?" she answered with a smile and said " you can call me, the girl with a voice..." -the end

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