The Disgusting Water Bottle/Robotics Engineering Doll (feat. Colin Meloy)

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Rolo builds an escape room on the ship to teach the other Story Pirates to work together. Featuring two new stories: “The Disgusting Water Bottle (feat. Colin Meloy),” a song about finding a place where you belong even when you’re a little disgusting, written by a 7 year old from South Dakota named Norah, and “Robotics Engineering Doll,” a story about the weirdest toy ever made, by Nava, a 7 year old from Rhode Island. Read on for the original stories!

Original Stories

The Disgusting Water Bottle

Nora, Age 7, South Dakota

This is the story of the disgusting water bottle. “Hello”, I am the disgusting water bottle. I’m going to take a walk around the kitchen. First he met a very clean plate. The dirty water bottle said, “would you like to be friends with me? “ The clean plate said, “Why would I like to be friends with a dirty water bottle? You’re dirty and I’m clean?” And so the clean plate walked off. Then the dirty water bottle met the clean cup. The dirty water bottle said, “would you like to be my friend?” But the cup said, “Nope I’m going to the CUPboard today so I don’t have any time to be your friend … now goodbye.” So the dirty water bottle walked off. Then the dirty water bottle saw the fork, the knife who were married and their child was a spoon. The dirty water bottle said, “would you like to be my friends?” “Oh sorry, said the fork, we are dirty so we have to go to the sink. Would you like to join us?” “Yes!!” said the dirty water bottle. “I’ve never been to the sink.” Then they all got clean and the water bottle had friends. That is the end of the dirty water bottle story. The End

Robotics Engineering Doll

Nava, Age 7, Rhode Island

Now I’m going to turn on the TV and watch the worlds championships of most weird toy of this year.

From the TV:

“Hello everyone! The weirdest toy for this year is… Our funny Robotics Engineering Doll who is actually living. This amazing doll will, wait a minute, instead of telling you about it we have someone to demonstrate how to play with this doll.The first step to playing with this doll is to turn on the robotics doll. Then take the doll out of the parachute. Put yourself into the parachute. When you put yourself in the parachute you will see a big purple (or your favorite color) button. It will say ‘Press Button To Make House Into Mountain, People Will Turn Into Goats, Jump Off Mountain When Done Pressing Button’. People love the toy because the doll will guide you and help you start flying. How do you get this doll? You don’t know? Build your own simple parachute, trade your parachute with the store owner, then he will give you the doll. The doll and specialized parachute will come in white and will come with a special set of markers with colors you’ve never seen or imagined.”

“Mom, Mom! We have to get this doll. I already built a parachute last week.”

“Ok, let’s go to the store.”

“We are here! Store owner, here is my hand made parachute. Can I trade you for the special Engineering Robotics Doll please? Mom, can I color it as soon as I get home? There are so many cool colors.”

“Sure, you can color it when you get home.”

One hour later… “I got into the parachute, mom. I’m turning the house into a mountain. Oh wait, mom is a goat now. Wow now the house it a giant mountain I can parachute off. Here I go! Wheeeee! This is fun with the Robotics Engineering Doll.”


“Oh, I think my mom wants me to turn the mountain back into the house. Ok, pressing the button now. Wow that was fun mom. Can I do it again tomorrow?”

“Sure, but it’s past your bedtime now. Go to sleep.”

“Mom I can’t sleep.”

The End!

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