The Amazing Adventure / My Big Project

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

When the other Story Pirates discover Lee has been secretly writing songs, they encourage him to share his totally emo feelings with the world. Featuring two new stories: “The Amazing Adventure,” a soaring ballad about sock puppets who travel the globe by Calvin, an 11 year old from Oklahoma, and “My Big Project,” a story about how difficult it is to choose the right topic for a science project, by a 9 year old from Texas named Elliot. Read on for the original stories!

Original Stories

The Amazing Adventure

Calvin, Age 11, Oklahoma

So one day, Ernie the sock puppet was getting bored. He wanted to be going places, mountains, deserts, even the moon! But the hands thought he couldn't do it. Buuuuuut. They had no idea that Ernie,(the sock puppet) had all the supplies he needed so he flew a biplane to the BIGGEST MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD. And after that the BIGGEST DESERT IN THE WORLD. And after that, he got a rocket and flew to EVERY SINGLE MOON EVER KNOWN TO SOCK PUPPETS! He learned that your dreams can never be stoped.


My Big Project

Elliott, Age 9, Texas

Once there was a girl named Emma. She had to do science project for school. She could not think of anything. So she asked her friend Hannah. Hannah said “just do tigers that’s your fav of all animals”. “Thanks Hannah” said Emma. “I can’t do tigers” ”Sophie is already doing tigers” Emma said to herself. Then a teacher walked by and said “ why not do Japan”? “Japan is too hard “said Emma. Just then a voice said “do penguins, do penguins”!!! “I’ll do penguins”! Emma said. Then she researched the topic and found out that the dad takes care of the egg while the mom just eats. And that penguins mostly waddle around and eat. She researched some more and got a lot of info to write down for the project. Then she was able to complete the project. One week later she won the Awesome Writer Award. “I’m so happy to win this award said Emma. “And I would like to thank Hannah, and my teacher for helping me win this award. The End!!!

Our New Single & Drawing Your Dream World

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