NEW Single - "The Giraffe Didn't Know"

We’re taking a break from the podcast this week to announce some big news! Our second album Backstroke Raptor will be out on June 14th! In the meantime, we’re so excited for you to hear the first single, “The Giraffe Didn’t Know,” based on a story by 5-year-old Jonah from Pennsylvania. Keep reading for his original story and to listen to the song!

Original Story

The Giraffe Didn’t Know

Jonah listening to the song!

Jonah listening to the song!

Jonah, Age 5, Pennsylvania

One time there was a giraffe, and he wanted to change the world but he didn't know how.  And then he asked the dinosaur, but the dinosaur didn't know. And then he asked the penguin, and then the penguin didn't know.  Then he asked a lion, and then the lion knew. Then he showed him how to do it. Then the end. Then the lion got a computer that was really powerful that could change the world.  It changed the whole world into a zoo. Then the end,