Cheese Quest / A Diary of a Corn Snake

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Rolo’s old parrot Poochie (David Schwimmer) shows up with a shady business proposition. Featuring two new stories: “Cheese Quest,” a song about the lengths one will go to for their food obsessions, by 11 year old Mylie from Utah, and “A Diary Of A Corn Snake,” the story of a serpent with a rich inner life, by an 8 year old from Tennessee named Allison.

Original Stories

Cheese Quest

Mylie, Age 11, Utah

Once upon a time there was a rabbit who was obsessed with cheese. He had a house made of cheese. He also had a dog made out of cheese. Oh, and I forgot, an air freshener made out of blue cheese, which smelled very nice. One day a thought came into his mind “why do I like cheese so much?” He decided to go to the Gods of Cheese so he went to them. It was a long journey but he made it. He asked the Gods of Cheese “why do I like cheese so much?” “Huh?” They said. “Yeah, I love cheese but why do I love cheese? Why do I want it all? Why do I want it every time I go to the mall?” “Wait, back up. There is cheese at the mall?” Asked one of the cheese Gods. “Yep!” He answered. “Well, that’s none of your concern. You should like theses instead.” And they handed him a carrot. The rabbit took a nibble and said “Now I’m obsessed with...wait, what is this called?” “A carrot.” replied one of the Gods of Cheese. So he continued on saying “Now I’m obsessed with carrots! I’ve decided to make a carrot house, a carrot dog and a really yummy smelling air freshener.” And the rabbit lived carrotly ever after. The end.

A Diary of a Corn Snake

Allison, Age 8.5, Tennessee

Hi, I’m Pepper the corn sake and this is my diary. I am named Pepper because I am red, orange and yellow. Yeah! It’s feeding time! I hope the humans get it right this time, cause’ they are always under-feeding me. Maybe I can try to communicate with them. “ Hey humans I’m always under-fed and hungry so can you feed me three mice instead of two every Sunday?” Then, one of the humans heard me and said, “ I think Pepper is trying to tell us that she wants more food.” Well said human, well said.

FEBUARY 28, 2019

Today was terrible! , One of the humans took me to “Preschool.” There were little humans running around everywhere you looked with their little sticky hands. It was so loud that I wanted to cover up my ears so badly but I couldn’t because I don’t have any hands. At music class later in the day, they all started banging on these things called “Drums” and they almost gave me a heart attack! When I got home that evening, I darted into the safety of my cave in my cage at the first chance I got.

MARCH 19, 2019

Today I noticed that there was an extra human in the house; only this one was smaller and wore these little puffy white things on her rear end. She would always wake up crying in the middle of the night-the time I least wanted her to do that. The other humans were also giving her more attention than they were giving me!

JUNE 23, 2019

The smallest human in the house is now 3 months old and she is always looking at me and giving me adorable smiles. Maybe we could be friends after all. Maybe we could share the love with an agreement or something.

I have no more room for any more writing in this diary, but I will get a new one soon and get back to you as soon as I can. As for now, adios amigos!

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