The Boy Who Hated Kisses / The Pancake Habit

Pigs are Actually Flying!

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Lee's Ship Log - 2/7/19

Or at least, Rachel’s beach pigs are! It’s a good thing they’re with us on board The Title Wave, because Rachel is still managing her fear of heights, and having members of her chosen family around seems to comfort her.

Speaking of pigs, it’s officially the Year of the Pig! Happy Chinese New Year, everybody! Peter is celebrating by watching this incredible video of a traditional Chinese lion dance over and over.

I’m also celebrating our brand new episode by making my fluffiest pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Hope they turn out better than the cake I made...someone threw that out for some reason. 🤷‍♂️

We've also been listening to some songs that inspired Story Pirate Jack Mitchell when he wrote our musical adaptation of The Boy Who Hated Kisses, plus some songs about flying and pancakes to get us ready for takeoff! We put all of them on our Partyship Anthems playlist, and you can listen here and follow for future playlists!

I'm really looking forward to our quest to find more stories. I mean, the possibilities are endless! The future is unwritten, and hey... so are some of the best stories. That’s where YOU come in. We want to hear your kids' stories! Here’s this week’s Story Spark to help get those pencils moving:

Write a story about a space alien who visits earth for the first time. What about life on earth confuses them? What kind of strange mistakes do they make because they don't understand how things work on our planet? Grownups can submit finished stories here!

Well, I'm off to adjust to ship life again, except this time in the sky with pigs! It's true, Nothing is Impossible. I'll see you next week, but make sure to listen to the episode below and read the original stories in the meantime!

Original Stories

The Boy Who Hated Kisses, written by Victoria, 6, Missouri:

There was a boy named Harold, and he hated kisses. His mom always tried to kiss him and his dad too- his big sister Janie too. When they would kiss him he would say “NO!” He didn’t like kisses because they were too slobbery and gross. He didn’t like hugs either. He complained so much they stopped kissing and hugging him. Then One day he felt sad because everyone stopped loving on him, and he said “somebody please hug me. Somebody please kiss me.” His pet fish, Shea, jumped out of the bowl and gave him a big smooch on the mouth. He thought it was weird but also cool. So after that he loved kisses and hugs. The End

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