funny kids

The Boy Who Hated Kisses / The Pancake Habit

We have two new stories for you!  “The Boy Who Hated Kisses” is a bluesy rock number about a kid with clear boundaries, written by a 6 year old from Missouri named Victoria, and “The Pancake Habit" is the story of a girl whose spontaneous culinary activity causes her family and friends to stage an intervention, written by two sisters from Oklahoma named Zoe (age 9) and Eleni (age 6). Click read more to read the ship’s log and original stories!

A Hamster's Workday / Backstroke Raptor

It's here! The podcast is back! Listen to this week's episode to find out how we'll get off the deserted island, plus hear our adaptations of A Hamster's Workday by Nina, age 11 in NY and Backstroke Raptor by Ben, age 7 in Virginia. Then, read on for Lee's ship's log! We recommend listening first to avoid spoilers. Click Read More for Lee’s Ship’s Log & original stories!