A Hamster's Workday / Backstroke Raptor

Goodbye Sweet Luxury Treehouse

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Lee's Ship Log - 1/31/19

Well, you heard the podcast- our ship is ready. The Title Wave is going to FLY! I guess I'm excited?? I mean, that's what a castaway stuck on a deserted island with one friend who has adopted beach pigs and another friend who gets stuck in snack pantries should say, right? It's just... hard to part ways with my luxury treehouse. I mean, I had big plans for this place. I was so close to finishing that kefir waterslide. Not to mention, the newly renovated kitchen for my probiotic personal chefs.

You know, maybe I can rebuild some of these things on the ship. And THAT’S a hamster’s workday! Oh yeah, if you’ve heard today’s episode, you know that we performed a new story called ‘A Hamster’s Workday.’ Rachel, Meghan, Peter and I have been having a lot of fun saying ‘and THAT’S a hamster’s workday!’ whenever literally anything happens. You should try it! [drinks glass of water] And THAT’S a hamster’s workday!

The crew and I have also been singing a lot of B-52’s songs around the island this week. Do you know them? Because we love them! They’re the world’s greatest party band from Athens, Georgia who inspired our song ‘Backstroke Raptor,’ also from today’s episode. Check out our Partyship Anthems on Spotify for a curated batch of B-52’s family-friendly songs. They’re great for sing-alongs in the car! I recommend following this playlist to see what we’re listening to every week! Big thanks to Story Pirate, Louie, for curating this one for us.

I better finish packing up my treehouse! Next time I write the ship's log, I'll be flying on a quest for more stories. Aaaaahhh! Stay tuned! And, in the meantime, make sure you listen to this week's podcast episode and read the original stories, which were, as always, sent into us by incredible kid writers! And THAT’S a hamster’s workday! Make sure to listen to the podcast and read the original stories below!

Original Stories

Nina and her hamster, George

Nina and her hamster, George

A Hamster’s Workday by Nina, age 11, New York

Good morning miss sally!!!!! are you ready for work ? Oh yes oh yes i am ready for work!!!! I am miss sally the hamster!!!! I am ready for anything!!!!!!!! I will eat my breakfast , a pear and put a clip in my hair Then i call up the bunnys and just to be fair they carry my computer from here to there There shall be work and i meet the desk clerk and she tells me my desk is there I sit on my chair and am glad to see the bunnys brought my computer safely Then my boss comes to me and says out loud : Edit this story about a cloud I decide to confess wich incloods saying yes because i am an editor THE END

Backstroke Raptor , by Ben, age 7, Virginia

Once upon a time there was a backstroke velociraptor. The other raptors wanted to know how to get off of the island that they were stuck on. Then one day they figured they needed a boat but something bad happened to the boat. What they did was they forget to put the engine in it when they tested it it didn’t go anywhere it just spins around. After that they put the engine in but they forgot to put the wires in. It’s an electric boat. The third time they got the wires in and the engine in. Except they forgot to put the batteries in. And then they got the batteries in. The connected the wires to the battery. They connected the wires to the engine. And then they put a motor. And they also put for going forward a propellor. Backstroke raptor can do the backstroke off the island. They were a pack so they left together so they got backstroke raptor out of the water and put them in the boat. And then they set a course all the way to a new island and a new habitat. The new island is called The Doon. The end.

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