Helen's Pizza Ria / The Creation of Chicken Parm

Love and Wormhole Travel

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Lee's Ship Log - 2/14/19

Happy Valentine’s Day from the sky, where we are spending quality time with our one true love: pizza! Pizza, like love, is a many splendored thing, so we’re all celebrating in different ways - Peter is changing all the messages on our little candy hearts to make them pizza-themed: “Crazy 4 U Pizza”, “Be Mine Pizza” and “Stay True Pizza”. Rachel is celebrating by pushing her beach pigs around in a baby stroller she made out of leftover pizza boxes. And Meghan is celebrating by reciting her favorite Shakespearean verses about pizza, including “If pizza be the food of love, eat on” from the famous Shakespeare play Twelfth Night In A Row of Eating Pizza. And of course, we’re all jamming out to our favorite love songs.

As for me, I’m still recovering from the wormhole situation. I wish I could accurately describe for you how it felt, but the closest I can come is AHHHHH NO NO NO THIS IS BAD YIKES YIKES HOT HOT HOT ASLKFDJOWOWIJHGELAKJHS!!!!!!. Know what I mean? No? Just listen to the episode!

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Original Stories

Helen’s Pizza Ria, Gwendolyn , 8, Maryland

Helen was 25 when she first ate pizza. She loved it so much she wanted to have her own pizza ria. So Helen went to the Wise man (who was also her Dad) she said " Dad how can I make my own pizza ria?" "I don't know. Ask your Mom" He said. Helen's Mom was in a dark cave. When Helen got home she saw a dragon. The dragon was only there for the cookies. But also to tell Helen how to make a pizza ria. Helen made her pizza ria and she got over 1,000,000 customers in a dozen hours. When Helen was 28 she got married to the dragon. The dark cave was right next to Helen's house the whole time. Helen was 106 when she stopped making pizza!

The Creation of Chicken Parm, Sierra , 10 Massachusetts

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Once upon a time, a world where entrees roamed the land, Chicken was a long loved dish, until a new dish came along. Its name was Pizza. Pizza had so many flavors that Chicken was jealous. The next day, there would be a big flavor competition. Chicken set out to find a flavor that would blow the judges spikes off their fat little bodies.(They were pineapples.) He packed his chicken liver sleeping bag, chicken leg shampoo, and an oven to make sure he never got cold. His journey was going great until he almost walked into a river! He sat on the oven and used his shampoo for a paddle. But the oven was to heavy and he started to sink! Luckily, a tuna fish salad happened to be in the water, and she brought him to shore. The oven sank, but he was able to save the shampoo and sleeping bag. Tunafish Salad was having a bad hair day, so Chicken gave her his shampoo. That night, Chicken slept under the stars on the riverbank. He dreamt of finding a new flavor and overcoming pizza. The next day he realized he was getting really cold. He grabbed his chicken liver sleeping bag and hurried home because he was going to miss the contest. While he was running down the sidewalk, he watched as a truck of dirt ran over a chunk of parmmasean cheese slicing it into 18 million pieces. Not wanting the cheese to get more hurt, he ran onto the street and slapped the 18 million pieces onto his back and ran to the contest. Chicken was worried. He didn't have time to drop the parmmaean cheese back at his house." What if chicken and cheese don't go well together?", he asked himself. "WELCOME TO THE FLAVOR COMPITION!!!!!",the announcer boomed. Chicken gulped as he went to the judges table. Pizza had done a good job. He gave the judges a taste of chicken and parmmasean cheese."Wow!" "Memorable" "Amazing",the judges said. Chicken was no longer plain Chicken. He was now Chicken Parm! THE END

Story Spark

Have your kids you sent in YOUR story yet? Here’s this week’s Story Spark in case you need help with an idea! Grown-ups can submit stories here!

Write a story about ‘the grass is always greener’! Make up two characters from your imagination that are both jealous of what the other character has. And then, show us what happens when those two characters GET what the other has. Are they happier? Or was what they had before pretty good in the first place?

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