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Lee’s Ship’s Log

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin


This week was, well, a positively body positive week! It started off with Fart Out Loud Day (FOLD for short), which was invented by two sisters, Sam and Ali, to be celebrated every February 18th (Rachel’s beach pigs celebrate FOLD every day, but that’s fine too).

FOLD is all about celebrating your body’s natural functions rather than being embarrassed by them! We took Sam and Ali’s advice, and the night before, Rolo made us a three bean chili feast to prepare for the big day. Then on FOLD, Story Pirates all over the world sent us videos of their celebrations! If you haven’t seen them yet, check out our social media channels - @storypirates on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

After celebrating our own bodily functions, we ran into a squirrel with his own insecurities. So… this was stressful at first because we crashed into a huge tree. Then, we met a 40 foot tall squirrel (who sounds a lot like John Oliver)! The poor squirrel was afraid we would bully him for his size. Luckily, we were able to welcome him onto our ship and show him that friendship is more important to us than Peter’s glass menagerie (which the squirrel broke by accident).

Listen for all the details and two new stories here!

Original Stories

I Love Cats, written by Andrew, 7, Washington, D.C.

The photo Andrew submitted with his story

The photo Andrew submitted with his story

Once upon a time there was a cat named Andrew. One night Andrew was watching tv and saw that the King was sick because an evil Rhino named Gibbles put a spell on him and took over the kingdom. Andrew the cat decided he would save the king by giving him one of his 9 lives. He would make the journey to the kingdom. Along the way he met an elephant named Ellie, who was the smartest animal in the world. Elllie knew the way to the kingdom. Ellie said I will help you get to the King and cure him. Andrew and Ellie met a dragon named Emily who was crying. She said my brother James is helping Gibbles. I will come with you because I know he is a good dragon. The 3 friends got to the castle. Emily flew the friends up to the top tower where the king was. The cat licked his paw and put it on the kings head and it broke the spell and then the king turned Gibbles and James back to good. The King rewarded Andrew with a spell that could turn anything into yarn, except living things. The King said "I Love Cats!". Ellie was rewarded a spell that could turn anything except living things into peanuts. and then he said "I love Elephants!" and then the dragon was rewarded with a spell to cook anyting because dragons use their breath to cook everything. and then the king said "i love dragons!" Andrew learned that making friends was good because they help eachother. The end.

The Wizard Who Could Just Go Poof by Jonah, age 14, Utah

Jonah surprises his brothers with our adaptation of his story.

Once upon a time in a far-away land there lived a wizard who went to wizard school. This wizard had two problems. One problem was that all the other wizards had cool names like Morazen the Great and Infernion the Fire Wizard, but his name was just Erlin. Another problem Erlin had was that he could only make his wand go poof. All the other wizards made fun of him for that. One day a dragon came to the school. He said that they had to give him gold and food or he would eat them. But first, he had to know all of their powers, because he only had one weakness. All the wizards told them about their incredible powers, and when it got to Erlin, the other wizards told the dragon not to worry about him because he couldn’t do anything cool like them. The dragon was happy and started taking all their gold. The wizards kept learning magic, but the dragon watched them. He had taken the gold and was looking for food. He watched as Erlin tried to cast a spell, but his wand only went poof. The dragon suddenly roared and covered his ears. Erlin realized the dragon’s weakness was poof. He kept poofing, and the dragon kept roaring. With one last poof, the dragon flew away forever and was never seen again. All the teachers were so proud of Erlin, so they put an ‘M’ in his name, because ‘M’ is for Magic. From then on, he was known as Merlin, The Greatest Wizard Ever.

Story Spark

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