The Quest for the Golden Bananas/Pigduction

The Story Pirates face stormy weather when a super sad lost cloud (Franchesca Ramsey) has a full on meltdown while hovering over their ship. Featuring two new stories: The Quest For The Golden Bananas, an Irish punk song about an ambitious cucumber seeking fame and glory, written by an 11 year old from Belgium named Noel, and Pigduction, the story of an pig farmer/inventor whose thirst for innovation leads him down a dark path, by an 8 year old from India named Vivaan. Read on for their original stories!

Original Stories

The Quest For The Golden Bananas

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Noel, Age 11, Belgium

Once upon a time in Tropical Trunkadoodles there was a cucumber named Everett N. Pickle. He wasn’t well liked because he wasn’t a tropical fruit like the others. “You’re just a plain old garden vegetable. Go back to your greenhouse,” they would say.

Proud author, Noel

Proud author, Noel

But Everett wanted to be famous (don’t we all?), and one day a chance came. An old chest washed upon the shore containing three items: a compass, a map to something called The Golden Bananas, and an old doubloon. Written on the chest was a message reading: To the one true cucumber of Tropical Trunkadoodles.

There was a huge commotion, of course. Eventually they remembered Everett. They soon started to get him ready to go on a voyage to get The Golden Bananas. They got him a ship named “The Royal Carrot” and filled it with lots of water, some dirt-beds and some sunlamps (for nighttime and storms) and got him a flying melon-pelican friend named George Flapperfruits III.

They had many marvelous adventures including encounters with strawberry-sharks and milkweed-sea cows. They eventually arrived at Piratantical Parsnips, where the treasure was located. After some tricky clue-hunting, they found the treasure, but it was guarded by a big old evil Durian DRAGON!

An action-packed fight happened with some pineapple punches and some kiwi kicks from Everett (and some stinky breath from the ferocious dragon). But Everett won! Everett and George went bananas over the Golden Bananas!

When they got back to Tropical Trunkadoodles, Everett was named a hero! The treasure was put in the town hall. The day they found the Golden Bananas became a holiday, and everyone lived happily ever after (except for the dragon).


Vivaan, age 8, India

Once upon a time there lived a Pig Farmer . He was also an inventor. He ran a large company called Oink Energy . his inventions included a pig tail powered car , a gas that enabled pigs to fly and color changing pigs . at night farmer Pigcrazy ( that’s his name ) stole pigs go fuel his company . Now let’s get to the point . Since farmer Pigcrazy’s products were at such high demand , he needed to get more pigs , but how ? the demand for products was getting higher than the amount of pigs he could steal , so he thought of a plan . He knew everybody kept their pig sty on really high platforms , since someone kept stealing their pigs , so this is what he thought he would do . First , he would ride in his pig powered car , then he would use his wind machine to blow himself into the pig - sty , then he would take the pigs and ride away on his flying pig, but this didn’t happen the way he wanted it to happen . The detectives found many hoof prints outside the Oink Energy factory , so Mr Pigcrazy was taken to the court and the judge made him use his inventions for good . Eventually in years to come he would invent Pig Light (TM) power and solve the worlds pollutuon crisis the End

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