How The Beaver Came To Canada/President Worm

When a conspiracy theorist (Claire Danes) boards their ship, the Story Pirates must convince her they are not from outer space. Featuring two new stories: ‘How The Beaver Came To Canada,’ a Joni Mitchell-inspired folk song about a beaver who takes to the friendly skies, by a 4 year old from Canada named Maytal, and ‘President Worm,’ a funky ode to the nation’s first flying leader, by Oliver, an 11 year old from the UK.

Original Stories

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

How the Beaver Came to Canada

Maytal, Age 4, Canada

The beaver came in a plane and flew to Canada.
She comes from the lake.
She came to Canada because it was too cold.
She got on the airplane and said, “It’s warm in here.”
After takeoff she had some juice.
Then her plane was late.
So she watched TV.
On the plane she met Maytal.
The beaver said, I want to go to Canada.
Maytal said, there’s an inside pool in my condo in Toronto.
Then the beaver jumped off the plane with her parachute.
When she landed, she fell on her bum bum.
She landed in Toronto.
It was summer.
She was most excited to swim in a pool.
She was happy to be in Toronto.

President Worm

Oliver, age 11, UK

There was once a worm called Worm and he had to travel to the white house to make himself president. He wriggled and wiggled, swam and floated and climbed and scrambled. He was just about to get there when a meteor came down in front of him and blocked his way. He could not get over it and he could not get under it but then he found out he had wings and flew over it and became president.he enjoyed being the first flying leader.

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