Jeff the Goldfish / George and Billy the Boghog

The Story Pirates decide to have a party where everyone tells their deepest, darkest secrets. Featuring two new stories: “Jeff the Goldfish,” the story of a fish who aspires to leave his tank, from a 9 year old in the UK named Rowan, and “George and Billy the Boghog,” the story of a motivational warthog who sends people on journeys for no reason, by Ridge, an 8 year old from Arizona.

Original Stories

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Illustration by Camilla Franklin

Jeff the Goldfish

Rowan, Age 9, The UK

Once there was a kid who had a pet goldfish called jeff. Jeff lived in a tank with his mom his dad his 95 uncles and aunts and his 113 cousins. It was a nice tank but jeff wanted to see the out side world so one day he got in his fish car and went to see his owners room. He drove around the room all day and was nearly caught by his owner’s mom. When he got home his mom was mad but she still gave him plenty of pizza.

George and Billy the Boghog

Ridge, Age 8, Arizona

As George walks along the sidewalk, he finds a warthog, and he says “hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Im Billy the boghog, whoever you are go on a journey for no reason” and so George did and came across a giant orange.”you may pass the garden after you beat me”. “Huuuuuuuhhhhhh,” said George. “So I ate a bug, can i cross?” “Okay,” said the big orange. And so he did. And, he walked and walked and walked and walked until he died and his angel self made it to the castle of magicalness. And then, he found out the bug was magic, and comes back alive! Then the bug comes out of his nose, "it's the booger monster!" THE END

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