Fart Out Loud Day

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The Original Story - Fart Out Loud Day

by Sam (age 12) and Ali (age 10)


Twas February 18th . Everything was normal at the park. Until… somebody went “[fart sound]” . Everybody stopped to stare, as usual when somebody farts. But this time, instead of saying “excuse me” and trying to cover it up, the little girl who farted yelled as loud as her little voice could yell “HAPPY FART OUT LOUD DAY!!!!” And everybody cheered. 

That same day, at the medical center, a doctor farted like 18 million times. After she was done farting, she yelled “HAPPY FART OUT LOUD DAY” as well. 


In school on fart out loud day, the government requires schools to teach the students about farts. 
Social Studies: Read Ben Franklin's letter called “fart proudly”, which is all about farts.
Science: Why and how do we fart?
Language arts: Write about how you feel when you fart. 
Math: Chart the frequency of farts.
Spanish: How to say “fart, excuse me, and pardon me” in spanish.
Stem: How to program a robot to make fart sounds. 
National Fart out Loud Day (known as FOLD for short) makes school more enjoyable and fun. 

The nice part of FOLD is that you don't have to be embarrassed and hide it. You can just let it all out and have fun while doing it. 
Although fart out loud day seems all happy and full of laughs, there are down sides.

The down sides include, people who are constipated and can’t fart and animals that can’t pass gas. After Fart out Loud Day, I cannot imagine coming home and seeing my poor bunny who can not fart, all alone in her cage, sulking. It's so sad!