Every Great FANTASY ADVENTURE Begins With A Spark

The Story Pirates Are Making A Third Book And We're Holding A Contest For Kid Authors!


In January of 2019, the Story Pirates are releasing our second book! It’s called DIGGING UP DANGER, and it’s written by New York Times Bestselling author Jacqueline West, based on an idea by Phoebe, a real kid from New York City!

Well, guess what - we’re so excited about it that we decided to make a THIRD BOOK, and it’s going to be a FANTASY ADVENTURE, written by acclaimed authors Annabeth Bondor-Stone & Connor White, who wrote Time Tracers: The Stolen Summers and the Shivers the Pirate series! Best of all, we’re holding another contest for kids to submit their ideas! The winner will have their idea adapted into a full-length book by Annabeth and Connor!

Here’s where kids come in: all you have to do is work with your child to fill in the questions below. We want the kinds of wildly imaginative ideas that only kids can come up with, in order to show the world how incredible collaborations between kids and adults can be.

The winning submission will also receive:

  • $500 cash

  • Credit in the book

  • 10 free copies of the book

  • A Story Pirates Skype performance at your school

Only one submission will be chosen to be used for our book, but all submissions will receive Story Love - a note from the Story Pirates about how much we love your ideas!

Submissions are due November, 8, 2018.

Click here for the contest rules!


A FANTASY ADVENTURE story is often about a FICTIONAL WORLD. That means it’s a world that no one has ever thought of before! It has imaginary things, people, animals, places and more! Often it is a world where things are possible that aren’t possible in the real world.
To enter, fill out this form OR this graphic organizer!

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