Here's some of what teachers, administrators, and parents are saying about Story Pirates.

The Kennedy Center Loves Story Pirates!!!

Diana Ezerins, Programming Coordinator, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


It's the best assembly I've seen in 22 years of teaching.

Jenny Howland, The School at Columbia University


I just wanted to thank you one last time for giving Robert what was clearly the most memorable day of his young life.  I really commend all the Story Pirates for creating such a warm and supportive environment for these young kids.  Robert loved watching his story come to life, but he loved even more the opportunity to come on stage and hang with his Story Pirates friends and with you in particular.  He thinks so much of you and the way you have let him into your world is something that means so much and is something we’ll never forget.  Thank you.

Scott, Los Angeles

"Jason asked me last week, 'Mama, are you in the PTA?' and when I said Yes, he threw his arms around me and said, 'Well, you get a big Thank you for bringing the Story Pirates to my school. They were awesome!' I was so happy to hear that he enjoyed the program so much and is looking forward to their second visit. I want to thank you both for working hard to bring educational and entertaining programming to our school. It makes Mountview very special."

- Melissa, New Jersey


"My daughter's experience hearing her story performed on Kids Place Live was all about validation. She's a crazy creative kid. She hears that she's weird all the time -- in the not nice way. To be chosen to collaborate with your crazy team was a huge compliment to her. We love that you give kids' voices such an amazing outlet. Go Story Pirates! " 

- Colleen, parent

"I can honestly say that the Story Pirates are the most popular, even beloved, group we have worked with - the children, the administration, the teachers and the parents all rave about the troupe.  Dozens upon dozens of kids submit stories for Story Pirate consideration and they all view writing in a much more favorable light after spending time with the Pirates."

- Stuart Miller, P.T.A. President, PS 107 Brooklyn

"Story Pirates approach writing with a theatrical slant, inspiring kids to write with the goal of seeing their writing performed by professionals. They also give the kids free reign regarding creativity; students aren't required to write within a particular style or asked to use specific craft strategies as they are in class.  When a child's writing is chosen for the performance day, they spend the rest of the month feeling famous."

- Jaime Berry, PS 39 Brooklyn